Four Seasons Gun Shop INC
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One of the best inventories in the midwest

authentic. historic. Collectable.



Four Seasons Gun Shop Inc. is Bloomington Indiana’s largest gun shop. We have over 600 guns in stock at all time. We specialize in Collector Grade firearms, We have one of the best selections of M1 Grands, M1 Carbines, 1911, Mausers, Type 99 rifles, Type 38 rifle, Winchester shotguns, Remington shotguns, Browning shotguns, Colt Handguns, Smith & Wesson Handguns, and many others. We also can order the newest guns on the market well under MSRP saving you $$.

We are in Gunbrokers top 600 sellers with over 450 for sale online.


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We carry a wide array of shotguns



You wont find a better selection of collector grade rifles anywhere else



We carry all the major brands of pistols, we have a huge selection of 1911’s , colts revolvers, smith revolvers, and carry a lot of the newest pistols on the market.

An experience like nothing else
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